Our method

Quality comes first

At Impressed Juices our approach is different – our juices are cold pressed from fresh Australian produce, delivering full-flavoured and irresistibly aromatic fresh juice.

Image depicting  Only the freshest ingredients

Only the freshest ingredients

We select the finest vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and nuts from Australian farmers and globally depending on availability.

Image depicting  Slow grinding

Slow grinding

The raw ingredients are slowly ground to create a fruit and vegetable mash ready for pressing.

Image depicting  Cold pressing

Cold pressing

Cold pressing is an age-old method of slowly extracting juice by gently squeezing the fresh produce to extract all the goodness.

Image depicting  Cold Filling

Cold Filling

The fresh cold pressed juice is cold-filled into special lightweight bottles which we make on-site.

Image depicting  Cold pressurisation

Cold pressurisation

Each bottle of juice undergoes a unique cold pressurisation process to destroy harmful bacteria and make them safe to consume, at the same time preserving nature's goodness.

Image depicting  Cold-chain distribution

Cold-chain distribution

To ensure our juices stay fresh and delicious they are kept cold at all times, from farm to fridge.

A variety of juices made for every taste


Dedicated to quality

Cold pressing is an age-old method of slowly extracting juice where fresh produce is ground up and gently squeezed to release the raw nectar, retaining the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Our process locks in the goodness

Macro nutrients, minerals & vitamins compared

What does this chart mean?

When fruit and vegetables are cold pressed, certain levels of nutrients remain.

Impressed juices’ unique process ensures equivalent if not higher amounts of nutrients remain in the bottle for your enjoyment.


This clinical comparison was conducted by Made Group in controlled conditions on 15 Nov 2015.